Game camera for security of your allotment/ summer house

Wildlife deer camera for summer house
In spring and summer people often go to their recreation allotments and summer houses . They often leave valuable things there as well as they grow plants which is an easy loot for thieves . Game camera with GSM modules and IR diodes will secure our premises against unwanted guests. No one will hide under a watchful eye of the game camera. You surely worry about your property not only in warm seasons but also in the wintertime. The deer camera can work in the standby mode up to 6 months, so you will not have to worry about anything through the whole autumn and winter season. In case of any problems you will be notified by the MMS message.

If you want to order wireless trail cameras for state institutions, please contact our expert. We have experience in servicing institutional clients, so we will be happy to help you make the best choice and present the purchase procedure.

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How to secure your allotment against thieves? Gardening season is also the time of increased theft. There are many things left in summer houses and allotments, which are an easy loot for potential thief. Prising the door or breaking a window of a recreation summer house does not pose a major difficulty for an intruder. So, they steal everything they can sell – TV sets, tools, water meters, valuable items left by the owners of the house. The current solution that is gaining interest of more and more allotment holders are game cameras. These outdoor deer cameras resistant to adverse external factors have been designed for long-term monitoring and having an eye on safety of your allotment. They will see the intruder in the day and at night. Some models are equipped with a special GSM module which enables the device, upon detecting the motion, to send a photo to the pre-set phone number or e-mail address. Mounting the game camera is very easy. You should place it is some place invisible (among bushes or trees), directing the sensor to a place that is exposed to intruder’s interference. Special straps make the mounting very simple and quick.

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