Wireless trail cameras for communes and municipalities

Trail wireless wildlife cameras for communes and municipalities
Wireless trail cameras are the devices that are frequently used by representatives of local government. Repeated thefts and break-ins to public places or littering the forests are oppressive problem that it is difficult to fight. The wireless trail camera, thanks to its small size and masking colours will stay inconspicuous hidden in bushes and it will detect every motion.. One of the devices designed for the local government is the wireless trail camera Scout Guard S880G. It is equipped with a fast GSM module. The reach of the motion detection sensor is up to 20 meters. Additionally, the camera has the IR lighting that is invisible for human eye and for animals, so it is completely invisible for the surrounding at night. Another model which takes high-quality photos - especially required feature when you need evidence in fighting thefts - is SpyPoint Mini Live 4G with GSM/GPRS module.

If you want to order wireless trail cameras for state institutions, please contact our expert. We have experience in servicing institutional clients, so we will be happy to help you make the best choice and present the purchase procedure.

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Choose a wireless trail camera for securing your commune or municipality area.

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