Wireless wildlife cameras for construction companies

Wireless wildlife cameras for constructions and companies

Construction companies often have to leave their valuables such as building materials or equipment necessary for their work on the site. Wireless wildlife cameras will enable you to secure the construction site against intruders and thieves. When an unauthorised person enters the construction site, the wireless wildlife camera will send the MMS message to notify you about the event.

The device is inexpensive and it works exactly when you need it i.e. at the moment when an unwanted guest appears. Additionally, you can fix the device practically anywhere without worrying about power supply. The wireless wildlife camera is powered by special rechargeable batteries which can power the device up to 6 months in the standby mode.

Thefts at construction sites no longer surprise anyone, but still they arouse considerable dissatisfaction of construction investors, who bear the considerable loss in this respect. Thieves steal everything from building tools, freshly placed windows to boilers. Protection of construction site can be quite problematic. Employing a security guard to be on site may pose a threat to him. You never know if the ill-doer does not have a weapon or is not aggressive. On the other hand, it involves large costs to employ professional security. Among the wide range of monitoring systems, alarms and other solutions we recommend to you a simple and effective wireless wildlife cameras. You can fix this small device in camouflage colors in any place at the construction site. When somebody enters the site, the sensor will detect the motion and activate the wireless wildlife camera to take photos or start video recording. The recorded data will also be saved on the SD memory card with the capacity of up to 32 GB. You can use the recordings as an evidence when the intruder has been caught.

Choose a wireless wildlife camera for the construction company

If you want to order wireless trail cameras for state institutions, please contact our expert. We have experience in servicing institutional clients, so we will be happy to help you make the best choice and present the purchase procedure.

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