Hunting video cameras

Are you looking for a hunting video camera? Do you want to monitor the animals’ behaviour 24/7? Trail cameras are perfect tool for hunters and wildlife monitoring! GSM and WiFi modules applied in the hunting video cameras allow for 24/7 environment surveillance. You can be remotely informed any time the trail camera will detect the movement of potential animal. Hunting...

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Wildlife deer camera for summer house

Game camera for security of your allotment/ summer house

In spring and summer people often go to their recreation allotments and summer houses . They often leave valuable things there as well as they grow plants which is an easy loot for thieves . Game camera with GSM modules and IR diodes will secure our premises against unwanted guests. No one will hide under a watchful eye of the...

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Wildlife cameras for city guards

Hidden trail cameras for city guards

Hidden trail cameras  are perfect to be used by the city guards. They help in catching intruders stealing wood from the forest, people littering green areas, vandals destroying bus stops and other public places. These wildlife cams offer a great range of possibilities at a fair price. You can use them for a long time and in case of no...

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