What are camera traps?

Wildlife cameras

Camera traps, also known as trail cameras, are the cameras equipped with a motion sensor which activates the photo taking or video recording upon detection of a moving object (e.g. a human, an animal or a vehicle). Camera traps are used in particular for protection of property, fish ponds and apiaries, as well as for forest control and wildlife viewing. Camouflage colours and special fitting strap makes it possible to mount them on a tree, in bushes or other inconspicuous places.

Some forest cameras have a built-in GSM module. GSM module provides remote control of the device – once the photo is taken it is sent to the pre-set telephone number by an MMS with the image captured. With this solution, you can e.g. catch a thief red-handed.

Camera traps design

Choosing a camera trap – What to look for?