How to hide the trail camera – a few words about disguising the device

How to hide the trail camera a few words about disguising the device
Before buying the right trail camera there are a few questions you need to answer to be able to better choose the most appropriate model of the device. First of all, where you are going to install the camera trap and whether it will be visible for passers-by and animals. Well, it’s often not that easy. You can install a trail camera in the middle of the forest, where there is little change for anyone to see it, as well in the open area, where the device can more easily be noticed. In response to numerous inquires and doubts, we have prepared a small guide presenting ideas for masking camera traps and installing forest cameras.

1. Wood bark

An interesting and creative way to camouflage the trail camera is to cover it with … wood bark. One of the recommended types is balsa tree bark which you can buy in any pet store. It does not absorb water, not does it crumble, and additionally, it is lightweight. Generally speaking, it’s pure pleasure to work with this material. Use aquarium glue to stick bark to the trail camera. It will work really well and, on the other hand, you can later simply remove it without any difficulties. And remember not to cut the edges neatly – leave them slightly frayed, as it looks much more natural.

Wood bark

2. Leaves

Now you know how to disguise the trail camera using tree bark, but it’s not the only way of utilizing natural features of the landscape to better the camouflage. You can also use leaves, sticks and branches of conifers. Remember to match the cover material to the specific place where the device is going to be fixed. If the camera trap is to stay in the specific place for a longer period, you can use more durable covering elements such as artificial conifers. Then, there’s no need to worry about natural processes destroying natural elements.

3.Disguising trail cameras – camouflage mesh

At present, an infinite number of patterns and shapes of camouflage meshes imitating forest landscape is available. It is a brilliant idea to cover a forest camera with the mesh both in the open space as well as in heavily overgrown areas.

Disguising trail cameras - camouflage mesh

4. Protective casing

We recommend you to buy protective casing matching the device. It will additionally strengthen and smartly camouflage the trail camera. They are made of durable material, resistant to adverse weather conditions, and are powder-coated with camouflage colours. Difficult to notice and perfectly blending into space. Additionally, some of them is equipped with a padlock, so that after closing nobody but you is able to get to the inside of the device.

Protective casing

5. The right place to fix the trail camera

It is also important where the camera is going to be installed. There are a few factors that would decide whether to place it high on the tree or in lower bushes. First of all, mind the purpose of the trail camera. If you want to watch birds flying and living high above the earth level, place the camera there. Small animals running or crawling in the lowest part of the forest should be watched also from lower points.

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